Benefits of CTBURGOS

The city of Burgos has always represented a crossroads, a communications axis, so a freightage facility centre has always been needed.
The freightage facility centre Centro de Transportes Aduana de Burgos (from now on, CTBurgos) is located in the Industrial Park Villafría, in the outskirts of Burgos. CTBurgos has excellent communication links. Road links are provided by the nearby A1 Madrid-Irún highway and also by the different toll and toll-free motorways (Burgos-Portugal, Burgos-Irún, Burgos-Barcelona, Burgos-Madrid) and the ring road that will link up with the future Burgos-Santander motorway.
As for railroads, Burgos is located in the middle of the rail line Madrid-Irún. Another noteworthy fact is that our freightage facility centre is located very near the Burgos airport which provides a central point for communications with the European Union and the central and southern parts of Spain and Portugal.

CTBurgos provides a complete range of services to the public. The following are especially worth highlighting:
· Services for crews and users (hotel, restaurant, coffe bar, shop, bank offices, garden and rest areas and car parks).
· Services for vehicles (lorry park areas, service station and garages).
· International terminal and customs clearance.
· Free and Tax Depot.
· Phytosanitary control centre.
· Groupage, break bulk and freight storage facilities.
· Break bulk freight warehouses.
· Premises Available for Warehouse-Owners.
· Premises for Logistic Companies.
· Cold Stores.
· Temperature-Controlled Warehouses.
· Vehicle warehousing.
· Offices for forwarding agencies.
· Facilities especially designed for heavy road vehicles.
· Controlled access to car parks and customs area.
· Information area and load distribution area.

· Strategic location near the city, close to industrial parks and the main national road communication links.
Our location enables agencies to significantly reduce the time required for transport and to profit from a considerable decrease in route distances.
· CTBurgos is endowed with large areas, which means it is possible to set up small-sized local forwarding agencies as well as large-sized logistic operators that need large areas.
· Facilities specially designed for heavy road vehicles: large accesses, areas for manoeuvres, turning radius, etc.
· Productivity improvement for companies as they can count on premises and warehouses built specifically for the activity to be carried out.
· Accessibility to intermodal transport, if required.
· Economies of scale.
· Synergism.

Heavy vehicle traffic is significantly reduced within the city, thus minimizing the pollution, noise, road damage and traffic congestion that these kinds of vehicles produce.
In addition, CTBurgos makes it unnecessary to park these vehicles in urban areas, as we have several large parking areas available.
This makes it ideal for forwarding agencies, allowing them to get out of the cities and instead make use of our facilities, thus contributing to a more logical use of urban spaces.